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About Us


To provide a safe, productive learning environment by empowering students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset for future success.


Sheridan School opened its doors in 1864 and has served the Sheridan area continuously ever since. We are part of the Western Placer Unified School District which serves eleven schools in the greater Lincoln area. Our students learn in multi-grade classrooms in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Our Kindergarten class is an all-day program.  Nearly all of our students attend our CARE (no-fee, district sponsored) after school program, which provides time for enrichment activities and homework tutoring.  

At Sheridan, we believe in universal access to our curriculum for all children. As a result, we have a strong intervention program which provides Reading, Writing, Math, and English Language Development on a daily basis and small group instruction for struggling students.  Our students are engaged and motivated by carefully crafted lessons prepared by teachers who are not only highly qualified, but passionate about education. Our support staff is very dedicated to supporting each student's success.

Technology plays a large part in the development of our curriculum and increases student interest and digital skills. Students use i-Pads and Chromebooks to research topics, write and produce projects.  We also have an online instruction/intervention program that provides targeted skills instruction support.

We are very pleased to provide science and music programs with teachers who are specialists in their area and are able to give our students a broader education in the sciences and arts. Join us for our Winter and Spring Programs to see first-hand the benefits of the performing arts in schools. We have a hands on science curriculum that engages and challenges students through the Next Generation Science Standards.

All of us at Sheridan School believe that ALL students can learn at high levels. We work together to provide a comprehensive, rigorous educational program for each of our students. We would be pleased to have you visit or join our school community. Come and see what a special place this little gem of a school really is. 


Sheridan parents and staff work together to provide quality education for the students. We emphasize five important values in our commitment to growth and excellence:

  • sense of responsibility
  • moral and ethical behavior
  • literacy
  • a healthy lifestyle, and
  • critical thinking.