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Volunteer Options


Parent involvement is always welcome. Here are a few ways you can participate in your child's school and be creative in offering your time and talents to assist in the learning of our students.

  • Classroom volunteer
  • Library volunteer
  • PTO volunteer
  • Drive on field trips
  • Help with special classroom projects
  • Do a talk on your travels, job, hobby, etc.
  • Decorate for events
  • Help with reading, writing, math, science, computers, PE, fine arts, history projects
  • Organize a party
  • Help with the Talent Show
  • Post student art in the halls
  • Help on Clean-up Day
  • Do things outside school hours: make copies, shop for supplies, assemble party favors, make costumes

Who to Contact

  • Your child's teacher
  • Principal: Shanna Parker
  • PTC President Collean Saenz, call school for contact information on any PTC officers
  • PTC Vice Predisent, Amy Kuehl
  • PTC Treasurer: Sara Ladeas
  • PTC Fundraiser Coordinator: Ashley Anthony