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Sign up with Target's money for schools program.  A percentage of each purchase will go directly to Sheridan Elementary School.

Items To Save:

Help our school with fundraising by contributing items you might otherwise throw away:


Adopt-A-School is a community partnership that links business and community organizations with schools to share expertise and resources in an effort to support our youth and schools. It is a national and statewide program that has been adapted to meet the educational needs of local children.

Adopting a school is a way for you and your employees to give back to the community by sharing your time, energy, expertise and financial resources with our schools. Participating business people serve as positive role and career models for students.

  • Businesses contribute in a variety of ways:
  • Field trips to tour your business
  • Sponsorship of field trips to cultural and other events
  • Classroom or assembly speakers and presentations
  • Career exploration, activities, and presentations
  • Incentives, awards, or scholarships that recognize outstanding student achievement
  • Sponsorship of school contests: art, writing, photography, spelling, etc.
  • Student performances at adopter events
  • Donations of equipment, resources, or funds to help students and schools
  • Assistance for students with specialized technology and other needs

To adopt our school, please contact the principal.


Ms. Ashley has set up a Donors Choose Program for her library and the school. So far she has gotten a new throw rug and bean bag chairs for the library. Then she submitted a request for new tables and chairs for her library and Walker Communications who donated the money for our new library books last year donated again and the library now has new tables and chairs.

If you know of anyone who would like to make donations please click on the following link.

Once you are on their web site, you will need to put in Mrs. Anthony's name to locate our school. From their follow the process.

Also, if you know of a business or someone else who is wanting to make contributions to a school please pass on the Donors Choose web site to them.