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Kissing a Pig Top of Page

Students watching 1
Students watching 2
Staff 1
Emily and Bethany
Pig 1
Pig coming out gate
parents watching
Parents watching 2
Bethany and maribel
Maggie and Bethany
Students watching 3
Students watching 4
Kissing pig 1
Kissing pig 2
Kissing pig 3
Emily, Maggie, Bethany
Kissing Pig 3
Kissing pig 4
Kissing pig 6
Kissing pig 7
Kissing pig 8
Kissing Pig 9
Inteview with CJ and ELI
Students 1
Students 2
Students 8
Feeding pig
Bethany feeding pig
Bethany Maggie
Betheny Crouch from Good Day Sacramento and her film crew came out to film Mrs. Ortiz kissing a pig. She also interviewed students and kissed the pig herself.