Assessing for AchievementTop of Page

Sheridan Elementary School maintains high expectations for student achievement.

Parents, students and teachers meet for a conference at least once a year to review student progress. A student's progress is monitored by multiple measures. Teachers, at each grade level, use assessment tools to regularly monitor the progress of their students:

In addition to these summative assessments, teachers also administer formative (ongoing) end-of-chapter or theme assessments. Our Response To Intervention (RTI) program uses this data on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are always meeting the educational needs of our students. Both the school and the district hold individual performance and test scores to be a high priority. The scores are reported to administrators and teachers and mailed to parents each year.

After we review our data, students who have not been successful with the regularly-delivered curriculum are provided intensive intervention programs such as:
  • Focused Approach
  • Reading Mastery
  • Corrective Reading 

Students are regularly monitored, and when success has been achieved, the intervention is discontinued.

We are a Title One school and, as such, we receive categorical funds for our struggling students.  We also offer after-school tutoring and an after-school program.  Sixty-eight percent of our Kindergarten through fifth grade students participate in these programs.

STAR TestingTop of Page

The Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) tests are standards-based tests that measure student achievement of state content standards. Elementary school students are tested in two areas:
  • English-language arts
  • mathematics

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